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Indian Wildlife Tour Packages - India the country of thousands facets has it all, from the huge forts to the furious oceans, from the snow capped peaks to the serene temples and from the dense jungles to crowded beaches and the bustling city life.
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Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.

- Kenyan Proverb

About Us

Know More About Us:

Set up in June 2000, today we proudly claim to be the Leading Online Indian Wildlife Safari Company, do not go by the years of the company, as it is the people involved with over 18 years of experience with Indian Wildlife which make the real difference.

* If you want to get a real experience of Indian Wildlife, or
* If you wish to do meaningful safaris, or
* If you desire to learn more about Indian Flora and Fauna, then you are at the right website.

Our Journey

This journey started one night in 1998, when I was on cross-roads, whether to pursue my career in Hoteliering, or pursue my passion for Wildlife. Incidentally I was placed in a cushy position with a leading Hotel Chain in Asia. But my passion took the better of me. I recalled the moments my adrenalin went thru my spine sky rocketing when I saw my first Tiger in the Wilds of Ranthamhbore National Park on Jan 23rd 1989. Subsequently, I started visiting the various National Parks in India, purely as a tourist, Bharatpur, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Dudhwa, Kaziranga, Nameri, Bandipur, Nagarhole, Mudumalai, B.R. Hills to name a few, these visits were igniting a dormant passion. Then it was in 1997, that I gave a serious thought on how to combine my passion and profession. After many sleepless nights in pondering whether I should give up a handsome paying career and take over my passion, my thinking evolved, and I concluded that the time has come, I need to change. And it happened. In June 2000, the company was registered. Job well begun is half done, I had heard many times, but I felt the same for the first time when Nature Safari Pvt Limited was registered.

I dedicated one room of my house as my office. One computer on a table, and a basic internet connection and it all started. It was only after 2 years of working, doing the home work and entire set up, did I reach a stage when I needed some assistance, so my first colleague joined in. After a while he also needed some assistance so another, then another, then another joined. The whole journey has been a great learning, and we are very proud in claiming that we are still learning 'so the journey is still on'.

Lot of thought process went in to establishing as to what we do differently compared to others in the field. We arrived at certain USPís, and started to implement them. Soon we started to get positive comments from our clients, we took detailed feedback, asked for a report card from our clients, told them to do a complete post mortem of how they felt, and we realized that we were on the right track. The kick one gets when you have a delighted client is beyond words, it is an experience.

We started to design tailor-made Holi-days, certainly our approach was to treat these days as Holy for our guests, we realized that our guests entrust us with their faith, money and experience. So we need to give them what they do not think is possible, to give best value for money, to give bagful of immortal moments in return.

We realize the 'Life Cycle Value'of all our guests, it is simply not the fee/amount charged to you for this particular safari, as we know for sure that you will refer many more clients to us in future. So your value in our eyes and minds is far more than what you anticipate. We treat our guests the way we would want to be treated.

So, come make your own trip with us, and after the trip, sit back and enjoy the moments for a lifetime.

All the Best
Sharad Vats


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Nature Safari India
  E-mail: info@naturesafariindia.com

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